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Changing the Action for the Start Menu Power Button

At the bottom right of the Start Menu are three icons.
The left one (circle with a vertical line) is the Power Button
To change the action (Sleep, Hibernate or Power Off)
Go to the Control PanelSelect System Maintenance and then Power Options if it is the Default View or Select Power Options if it is the Classic ViewUnder your current plan, click on Change plans settingsClick on Change advanced power settingsClick on the + by Power buttons and lidClick on the + by Start menu power buttonFor the Setting, select Sleep, Hibernate or ShutdownClick on Apply and OKNow when you hover over icon, you can see the action it will take.

Organizing File Display into Stacks

Normally when you look at files in the Explorer, they are commonly shown alphabetically or by type
There is another way you can view them which is in Stacks. This is different than organizing into Groups

1. Start the Windows Explorer
2. Go to a directory that has different types of files
3. Hover over Type in the bar at the top
4. Click on the down arrow
5. At the bottom, click on Stack by Type
6. Now you will see icons representing the different file types. You won't see the actual files at this point
7. Clicking on one of the icons will show the files that are in that type
8. If you Stack by Name, files will be grouped into 0-9, A-H, I-P, and Q-Z

Disabling Unneeded Windows Features

There are likely Windows Features running on the computer you don't need.
To see what these may be and make any changes you want:

1. Start / Control Panel
2. Programs and Features
3. Click on Turn Windows features on or off
4. It typically takes a little while for this window to populate
5. Hovering the mouse over an entry gives a short description of it
6. From here you can check or uncheck any entries you want.
7. For example, you may not need Windows Fax and Scan
8. Click the OK button when you are done

Changing the Sidebar

By default, the sidebar can take up a unwanted room on the desktop. You also can't put icons on the space it uses.
If you want to retain the ability to display the sidebar gadgets but also want full use of the desktop,
you can detach individual gadgets.
1. Right-click the gadget you want to detach
2. Click Detach from Sidebar
3. Move the gadget wherever you want on the desktop
4. Right click on the sidebar
5. Click on Close Sidebar
6. There will now be an icon in the system tray for the sidebar if you want to get it back